2021 founded in

The club was founded in 2021. It is young and promising. Our club is focused on the education of athletes from an early age. Here everybody could find something to their tastes and a discipline that will satisfy them! We have such sports disciplines as Cheer Freestyle Pom, Double Cheer Freestyle Pom (ages 3 to 18+).

We also recruit girls aged from 16 (18) years old with dance/choreographic/sports training to cheer group teams. We are also waiting for everyone to join our stretching groups. You yourself choose what is to your taste: sports, dancing or just maintaining and developing flexibility.

The club value

Sport is without health risks!

The club's mission

is an individual approach to each athlete, development of skills and abilities, assistance in achieving goals and aims.


Performance Cheer Freestyle Pom

is one of the cheerleading sports disciplines. This discipline combines choreography, acrobatics, gymnastics, ballet and is aimed to achieve maximum sameness and synchronicity of athletes. Also, this style is aimed at clarity with pom-poms, thereby interesting visual effects are created, and the composition looks bright, interesting and professional! The team is built of 16 to 24 people.

Cheer Team is a dance discipline

Girls learn to work with their bodies and pom-poms. They perform at events, both sportive and commercial. This is a bright, fascinating, beautiful show!

Cheer dance

3. Cheer dance disciplines are those you can just enjoy walking and dancing, while participating in competitions and getting a lot of positive emotions!!!

Coaches training

One of the most important directions, as the coach is a guide to the world of sports and dance! The more coaches are competent, the more athletes will be highly professional. Thus from the training you will learn the basic knowledge about cheerleading, learn to follow trends, bring new to your work and be modern and flexible to innovations.

What we offer to you

Qualified coaches

All the club coaches are professionals in their field, have higher specialized education and certification of the Cheer Sports Federation

Friendly team

Cheerleading is a team sport. And every member of the team is priceless! After all, in order to achieve the results, you need to be one living body and do everything in synergy, with pleasure and respect for each other! Here you will find friends and loyal comrades!

Skill development

Cheerleading is a versatile sport! Development of speed, endurance, flexibility, jumping, teamwork ability, rhythm, iron-strong will to victory, ability to set and achieve goals, not only in sports, but also in everyday life.

Participation in competitions, festivals and contests

Due to various performances, athletes become more confident and professional. They learn to win and accept defeats.

Sports categories awards

Through participation in competitions, an athlete has the opportunity to receive categories of various levels even up to the title of an Olympic championTaking care of the athlete's health

Taking care of the athlete's health

The training program is aimed at the harmonious and healthy development of athletes. The training includes not only practical exercises, but also theoretical ones, where the elements, techniques and features of the performance program are analyzed in detail.


Elena Matskevich
the founder of the “GOLDEN PANTHERS” club

Since 2012 involved in cheerleading. A certified coach of the Cheer Sports Union of Russia .

a bronze prizewinner at the Cheer Sport and Cheerleading Festival in the “Freestyle Pom Double” discipline within the “FIFAFANFEST 2018”

a IV All-Russian Festival of National and Non-Olympic sports “Freestyle Pom Double” discipline bronze prizewinner

Elena Matskevich
the founder of the “GOLDEN PANTHERS” club

Since 2012 involved in cheerleading. A certified coach of the Cheer Sports Union of Russia .

a Candidate Master of Sports

a multiple winner of the Sverdlovsk region and the Ural Federal District Cup

the winner of the Cup of Russia

the winner of the All - Russian competitions among student teams

a two-time champion of Russia in the “Team Freestyle Pom” discipline

the 2017 champion of Russia in the “Freestyle Pom Double” discipline

a bronze prizewinner at the Cheer Sport and Cheerleading Festival in the “Freestyle Pom Double” discipline within the “FIFAFANFEST 2018”

a IV All-Russian Festival of National and Non-Olympic sports “Freestyle Pom Double” discipline bronze prizewinner


1898 – the birth of cheerleading. As the University newspaper of Minnesota “Ariel” wrote on November 12, 1989, the students developed a new plan to attract a support group for the final match on November 2 with Northwestern University. As a result, the University of Minnesota “pep club” students developed a new plan to further involve their crowd in order to win their final game on 2 November 1898 versus Northwestern University. As later quoted in the 12 November 1898 edition of the University of Minnesota student publication “Ariel”: and they invited a group of professionals to implement it: they were doctors, journalists, lawyers, scientists, etc. One of these nominated students previously mentioned, Jack “Johnny” Campbell, takes the credit as the very first of these “yell leaders” to pick up a megaphone, jump onto the sports field, and lead the crowd with the already popular university organized cheer: “Rah, Rah, Rah!” Johnny Campbell was the first to become the leader of the organization of cheer chants using megaphones and synchronized jumps of cheerleaders. It was he who was able to unite the groups into a kind of fan club of cheerleaders, thus the Minnesota football club won the 1898 championship final by a score of 17-6. This was the birth of cheerleading as a serious movement.

1923-1948 - women became the foundation for the development of Cheer, bringing new skills and methods.

1974 - creation of the Association of Cheerleading Groups and the beginning of modern cheerleading.

1982 - the first championship and a TV show about cheerleading.

1990 - the number of cheerleaders reached 1,700 thousand athletes. The after-school Cheerleading program was approved. ‘All Star' competitions originated in the USA.

2003 - the world's largest sports federations “United States All Star Federation” (the USASF) and “International All Star Federation” (the IASF) are registered.

2007 - the IASF established the International Cheerleading Union (the ICU).

2008 – the ICU grew to 56 national federation- members, and held more than 25 training sessions around the world.

2010 – the ICU grew to 95 Federation-members. The founding meeting of the European Cheerleading Union (the ECU) took place in Paris. That time it included 24 countries.

2012 – the ICU grew to 103 countries. More than 17,000 athletes from 77 countries participated in the World Championship. There were already 30 countries in the ECU. Almost 3,000 athletes from 20 countries took part in the Second European Championship.

2013 - the ICU was accepted as a member of SportAccord/GAISF, the recognized world governing body for sport cheerleading.

2014 – the ICU became a part of the FISU Family (International University Sports Federation).

2016 - the ICU was temporarily recognized by the International Olympic Committee (the IOC).


In Tokyo, as part of the 138th session of the IOC, cheerleading received the status of an OLYMPIC sport! The International Cheer Union (the ICU) received full recognition from the IOC!

July 20, 2021


  • Madonna
  • Paula Abdul
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Franklin Roosevelt
  • Dwight Eisenhower
  • George W. Bush
  • Meryl Streep
  • Steve Martin
  • Cameron Diaz
  • Michael Douglas
  • Jamie Lee Curtis
  • Samuel L. Jackson
  • Jimmy Stewart
  • Fergie
  • Megan Fox
  • Jessica Simpson
  • Alicia Silverstone
  • Reese Witherspoon

During her coaching career, she has trained more than 20 Candidates Master of Sports in cheer sports, and also the teams led by her have won prizes and were among the 10 best teams in Russia.

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What to wear for a trial session?

You need just suitable, clean and comfortable clothes, also please take clean and comfortable shoes with you. Usually they are sports trousers or leggings, T-shirts, tops and trainers. Remember to put your hair up.

The child physical training requirements

Sports team: to have a physical fitness level is good but not necessary for a 3-5-year-old child. However, everyone will be tested. Physical fitness level and/or dance experience is a must for children of 6 years and above.
Everyone of any age and any physical fitness level can join a cheer team or take extension classes. All teams are divided according to the level of physical fitness.

What if I can’t dance at all?

We would love to teach you. There are beginner groups for every age group. But, it would be difficult to join a team if you have no physical fitness level at all.

When can we start training sessions?

After our trial, that can measure an athlete's physical fitness level and we consider your wishes on training sessions. Then we choose a group for you and make a timetable.

How often are the training sessions and what can happen if I miss them?

It’s better not to miss them constantly. If you miss lots of sessions, you can lose your team place and forget about participating in competitions.

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